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2021-2022 Programme in Full Swing

2018 04 Installation

Our 2021 programme is fully under way. Two Regular Meetings have already been held and both featured the introduction of new member Initiations as well as the presentation of a 60-year service certificate by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master to Honorary Member W.Bro. Malcolm Elliott PPJGW.

The photograph shows (left to right) Senior Warden Bro. Mike Earle, Worshipful Master W.Bro. Paul Wells PPGSwdB and
Junior Warden W.Bro. Rick Comber PPAGDC

The Worshipful Master is determined to maintain our efforts with successive meetings leading up to the Installation ceremony in April featuring
- A Christmas White Table Meeting with friends and family
- A Second Degree Ceremony in February and
- A Third Degree Ceremony in March

A full programme of social activities includes a Band Night and a Ladies Festival.

Details are on the Activities page of this website.

All point to an exciting year ahead!

Malcom Elliot, 60 years in Freemasonry!

2018 04 Installation

Congratulations to W.Bro. Malcolm Elliott PPJGW for celebrating 60 years' membership of Freemasonry in the Province of Surrey.
On 5th October 2021 Malcolm was presented with a certificate to mark this achievement by V.W. Bro. Richard Wileman PGSwdB. Deputy Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Surrey.
The Dep. PGM gave an interesting resume' of Malcolm's career and achievements in Freemasonry and added his hearty congratulations.
Malcolm who is an Honorary Member of Camberley Lodge and currently the Tyler was delighted by the presentation and said that he was really looking forward to receiving his certificate to mark 70 years' of membership in a few years' time!

Donation to Disability Initiative

2018 04 Installation

At the Camberley Lodge Ladies’ Festival in 2018,  Pam Barclay won the star prize of a week’s holiday in the villa  of Kevin McSorley and his wife Carmel  in Nerja Spain.  The Barclays decided to take their whole extended family the following year and had a great time.  They were so grateful that they felt that they would like to make a donation to Kevin and Carmel’s charity of choice – Disability Initiative.

We invited Hugh and Pam to present the cheque themselves but they wanted to do it “without any fuss,” so this was delegated!

The photographs show Lucy Brown Chief Executive of Disability Initiative, a Camberley based charity, with several individuals receiving DI’s invaluable support, together with W.Bro. David Matthews of Camberley Lodge who presented the cheque.

DI is an established charity that specialises in the provision of services to adults with complex physical disabilities and acquired brain injury.

They specialise in providing care and slow stream rehabilitation to individuals that helps them achieve their goals, no matter how large or small. This is accomplished through a variety of activities, accredited educational courses and therapies unique to DI. Each programme is specifically designed to meet an individual's needs and aspirations.
DI operates from a purpose-built centre offering a fully accessible environment with easy access to Camberley town centre.
A high standard of care and social rehabilitation recognises personal choices, dignity and freedom of the individual whilst the resource centre provides a vibrant, progressive and dynamic setting where everyone is able to thrive.

2019 - 2020 Worshipful Master, Wardens and Promotions

2018 04 Installation

Worshipful Master W.Bro. Paul Wells PPSGD, together with Senior Warden Bro. Mike Earle (left) and Junior Warden W.Bro. Gerald Inglis PPGSwdB (right).






At the Provincial AGM in June 2019 Camberley Lodge were honoured with a first appointment and two promotions.

On the right, W.Bro. Kevin McSorley was honoured with a first appointment of Provincial Grand Steward. This is the first Acting Provincial Grand Steward rank conferred on a member of Camberley Lodge for many years. Kevin has worked extremely hard and the honour is very well deserved.

On the left, W.Bro. Gerald Inglis (left) was promoted to PPGSwd B, and in the middle, W.Bro. Paul Marvin (right) was promoted to PPJGD.

2019 NewWM 022019 NewWM 042019 NewWM 01

500th Meeting of Camberley Lodge

2018 10 October PGM Visit 01

At the 500th Meeting of Camberley Lodge on 2nd October we were honoured by the attendance of R.W.Bro. Ian Michael Chandler, the Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Surrey.

Worshipful Master W.Bro. Alan Prosser, assisted by several Lodge Members, skilfully conducted a First Degree Ceremony to introduce Bro. Michael Bird into Freemasonry.

The first photograph (right) shows the Worshipful Master of Camberley Lodge with his two Wardens, along with the R.W. Provincial Grand Master, the Provincial Senior Grand Warden Nigel Feltham (extreme left) and Provincial Junior Grand Warden Robert Farrington (extreme right).

2018 10 OctoberPGMVisit005The second photograph (left) also shows the Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies and four Provincial Grand Stewards, all of whom formed the escorting party.

Photograph 3 (bottom left) shows the Provincial Grand Officers together with members of Camberley Lodge.

Photograph 4 (bottom right) shows the R.W. Provincial Grand Master in a more relaxed environment, addressing the following Festive Board; together with W.M. Alan Prosser, the Initiate Bro. Michael Bird, Secretary W.Bro. John Hawley and Immediate Past Master Kevin McSorley.

During the meeting, Lodge Charity Steward W.Bro. Paul Marvin presented a cheque for £500 towards the 2019 Surrey Provincial Festival, in aid of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution. W.Bro. Paul also delivered an excellent Charge to the Initiate.

2018 10 OctoberPGMVisit007

2018 10 OctoberPGMVisit011


Camberley Lodge Provides Financial Boost To Local Charity

Kevin presenting a cheque for £500 to Karen at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Reading on 14th August 2018.During his year as Worshipful Master of Camberley Lodge W.Bro. Kevin McSorley sponsored local charity Chloe and Sophie's Special Ears Fund. Mrs Karen Jackson the Chairman, Trustee and Founder of the Fund gave a moving account of the work of the charity at Kevin’s Ladies Festival inspiring £500 to be raised in support.

This small Charity was the inspiration of Karen whose young children Chloe and Sophie are both profoundly deaf. The Charity’s principal aims are to brighten the lives of deaf children by providing resources and equipment for deaf children to support their emotional upbringing.

The first photograph (above) shows Kevin presenting a cheque for £500 to Karen at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Reading on 14th August 2018.

2018 08 CharityShot2R Ill Kt Bob Hancock, Intendant General for the Red Cross of Constantine Division of Surrey, was a guest at Kevin’s Ladies Festival, where he met Karen. He was so impressed by her work that he applied with Kevin, also a member of the Red Cross of Constantine, to the RCC Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children Fund, who generously donated a cheque for £2,500.00 in support of the charity.

The second photograph (left) shows R Ill Kt Bob Hancock and Kevin presenting the cheque for £2,500 to Karen.



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